Unit X Drawing Proposals


Manchester Metropolitan University runs a professional development Unit X annually, where students can gain an understanding of the breadth of opportunities in the arts sector. This year, six students had a placement with the Whitworth with a specific brief to develop a strand of activities for self-directed visits when the gallery opens its doors again. The aim was to produce a generic resource, which could nurture playful ways to engage and interact with exhibitions, collections, the building and the park whilst at the gallery.

Last week visual art students Emma and Jade visited the studio at Artwork Atelier to trial their ideas. They had worked collaboratively to design two activities, which drew on their expertise of drawing and sculpture. The proposed resource would be contained in a portable box on wheels with an idea manual.

Both tasks provided ways to consider art through drawing using a variety of materials and approaches, with one activity resulting in a potential three-dimensional outcome.

Examples of the instructions are to…

  1. Scribble wildly on your paper, do not be precious about it; just make that first mark.
  2. Go around the gallery and find something to draw using a continuous line drawing. Draw what you see without taking your crayon off the paper.
  3. Go change the colour of your crayon.
  4. Go back and add shading to your drawing.
  5. Find another painting or drawing you like. Study it for a few moments, now turn around and draw it from memory, without looking at the artwork again.
  6. Try drawing a piece of art without looking at your piece of paper.

See images of Emma and Jade at work in the studio below…

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This week Georgina and Zoe came to the studio to respond to the same brief to create a resource for the self-directed visitor. Their ideas were quite different employing a sensory approach to potential gallery interactions inspired by the concepts around the relationship between the inside and outside of the gallery. They used the resource as a way to make the visitors experience the gallery afresh, even if they were a regulars to the gallery.

20140520_140516  20140520_150134

Try out these resources when the gallery is opens once again in October 2014.