Welcome to Studio thinking – development blog for the Whitworth’s new Clore Learning Studio.

The Whitworth’s Learning and Engagement team is eagerly awaiting the gallery’s reopening in autumn 2014 and the unveiling of our brand new dedicated Clore Learning Studio funded by the Clore Duffield Foundation . The studio will be one of the first things our visitors see as they approach the Whitworth’s new park-side entrance. It will extend out into Whitworth park and the view from inside will be of the gallery’s new Art Garden, designed by award-winning landscape designer Sarah Price.   Go to the Whitworth’s ‘Gallery in the Park’ blog to see some of Sarah’s ideas and beautiful designs for the gallery’s new outdoor spaces.  http://capitaldevelopmentwhitworth.wordpress.com/2013/10/10/using-a-painters-palette-to-create-a-beautiful-wilderness-with-sarah-price-2/

We want our new indoor and outdoor spaces to be really versatile and are interested in how the Clore Learning Studio will be a brilliant space for learning, creativity and expression.  We are imagining it will feel more like an artist’s studio than classroom. It will be used by schools, babies, families, adult learners and many more.  We are developing our ideas about what that could look like: a space where creative learning takes place and where those using the space are encouraged to take the lead. This blog will be a place to think about how we use our new studio space for learning, play and well-being.

Every week, we’ll be looking at one of the artists in the Whitworth’s collections and talking about how they use(d) spaces creatively, whether that’s  a studio space they occupied or an unusual approach to outdoor or urban spaces. We’d like to take inspiration from our artists and how they learned and were influenced by the spaces they worked in.  Our guest blogger, MA Art Gallery and Museum Studies student, Elizabeth Driver will be researching and posting regularly about our artists and their approaches to their spaces.

We’ll also post ideas and updates from our ongoing learning and engagement work – from live research projects to education and community partnerships.   Denise Bowler, Secondary and Post 16 Coordinator is moving into her very own studio space in the city’s Art Atelier and will be inviting groups in to work with her.  She’ll share her work and insights over the coming months.

So, Studio Thinking  is where we will gather our thoughts about learning spaces, but also share more about the artists in our collection – hope you enjoy!

We’d love to know what you think too and look forward to your comments about how we use our brand new spaces for creative learning.


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